Types of compound



Over 30 years’ experience making rigid and plasticised compounds for a wide range of applications.


Material which offers the possibility of producing compounds for injection moulding with low densities, good physical and mechanical properties and pleasant touch. Ideal for the shoe industry, toys and other technological uses. In the case of extrusion, it is used for making both cross-linked and non-cross-linked, halogen-free compounds.


A thermoplastic elastomer based on a mixture of PP and dynamically vulcanised EPDM. It has rubber properties but it is processed like a plastic. It offers a wide range of hardnesses and operating temperatures. Excellent outdoor durability and resistance to ozone and chemical agents, As well as a low compression set.


SEBS-based thermoplastic compounds. Material which is processed and recycled as a thermoplastic and has physical properties and touch similar to rubber. They can be manufactured in a wide range of hardnesses, from 10 ShA to 60 ShD.


Thermoplastic elastomer mainly used in the footwear industry. Both compacted and expanded compounds.

Automotive Parts

We have a lot of experience in developing compounds which meet the strict standards of this sector, both in the area of injected components and those of profiles and cables. (PVC, TPE-S, TPE-V)

Desarrollo de compuestos plásticos para el sector de la automoción

Power and communication cables

We have developed a wide range of compounds for this sector. Our range includes insulation and sheaths for low voltage cables and telecommunications cables, whether copper or fibre (PVC and halogen-free).

Other sectors

The application possibilities of our compounds are endless and we are prepared to develop products which meet the technical, design and user needs of all of them. Just contact us and tell us what you need.


We offer compounds for different kinds of pipework, profiles, flooring, etc. whether rigid or flexible. Always meeting the different standards they are subject to. (PVC, TPE-S, TPE-V, EVA)


If you require resistance to oil and grease, chemical products, scuffing or very low densities, or simply low costs, we can make the compound which fits your needs. (PVC, SBS, SEBS, EVA for injection)

All our products undergo stringent quality checks